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Beach People Problems

We aint close to runnin out of beer

We're all just hanging here

Catchin' fish and loafin on the coast


But the ice is runnin low

And nobody wants to go

All the way back to the San Blas Trading Post

Beach people problems

Yeah man we got'em

It's mighty tough livin down here on the coast

Beach people problems

From top to bottom

I just hung a sand spur in my toe

The no see ums can get tough

If the wind don't blow enough

The trick I'm told, is just don't scratch


You can slather up with Deet

And try to keep your seat

While they set upon and chow down on your ass

Beach people problems

Oh lawd we got'em

Sweatin it out down here on the coast

Beach people problems

We sure do got'em

Gotta go to town and buy a sticker for my boat

The fish were bitin slow

Only caught 2 Pompano

With ol Murphy out at Secret Beach


So we rode out to the pass

Partook of Sammy's grass

And rocked out to the Brother's, Eat a Peach

Beach people problems

Sadly, we all got'em

The floor board of my Jeep is full of sand

Beach people problems

Yeah, we all got'em

Just sufferin on this salty piece of land

Now please don't get me wrong

I only wrote this silly song

Just to try and give the moaners some prospective


We're all happy as a clam

With our ass here in the sand

And the party, is by far, our main objective

Beach people problems

Oh boy! We got'em

Just roughin it down here on the coast

Beach people problems

Oh man, I got'em

You'll probably never understand my woes

I got a little sunburn on my nose

There's nowhere else the climate suites my clothes

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