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We lit out, kinda late that day

Pitched the staff, out at Goose Creek Bay

Thighten that loop, on the turn back side

from the front to the back, them fish collide

With my net


Eleven hundred pounds, we could barely draft

We'd be damn lucky, just to make it back

Dodgin' them bars on an outbound tide

We still need a place to hide

They wanna check our nets

Our ways fed generations past

Now the huggers and the state, can kiss my ass

One way or the other, buddy you can bet

Til the day that I die,...............

I'll be pullin these nets

Well the rules keep changin', til the law don't know

We took to poachin' them red and white roe

Honest way of life, comin' to an end

Ain't nothin' left for me and my kin

'Cept pullin them nets


Mr CC don't fish no more

But he'll hang your gear out in his back yard

Another ancient art that's damn near gone

He taught me good, so I'll keep on

Workin' these nets

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