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Ode to Port St Joe

Salt on my lip

Salt on a glass

That margarita went way too fast

Hey bar keep, maybe just one more


Here's to sun on your face

Sand in your crack

Adios big city, I aint comin back

Chalk me up as another Blow In resident

The weather's right

Let's go for a float

Take a cruise on the Lady Sea Note

Spend the day out on St Joe Bay


Toss me a PDF

Lash me to the mast

Look at me! I'm sailing at last!

Just a little nod to What About Bob

Lovin' life on the Forgotten Coast

Cruisin the beach or out on a boat

I'm diggin' livin' in Gulf County, FLA

St Joe Beach, Cape San Blas

Money Bayou, Indian Pass

Aint life great, on highway 98

Raw Bar, Indian Pass, Saturday night's gonna be a blast

Just hangin' with Red out there on the porch


Grab your girl

Ride off for a while

Cruise on back with a Ten mile smile

Or maybe swoon out by the lagoon


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