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April, May, June

Spring break brought her down to St George Island,

She decided then and there, it was just her style

Junior year’s gonna be over soon and

April may just be back in June

Her folks figured summer wouldn’t do no harm

They were pretty sure they could keep her down on the farm

That tan silhouette runnin through those dunes

We’re all hoping April may be back in June

Took a job tending that ol tiki bar

Got weathered by the sun and she lost her car

Swillin cheap vodka, liquored up by noon

We’re all hoping April may be round come June

Shacked up with some ol dive bar singer

Two restraining orders and 3 kids later

Now they’re bankin on some future economic boon

Cause April’s ol man may get out in June


She got a mess of grandbabies

Man, she loves them kids

She don’t drink no more

Likes smokin them mids

Got a seafood shack open daily at noon

And April may start servin breakfast in June

And the sign out front says “Ya’ll come back soon!”

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